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Sake brewing

Kinoene Masamune is brewed by a team of five kurabito (brewers) headed by the toji (master brewer) and factory manager, Koichi Kawaguchi. The brewers are always open to challenging new manufacturing techniques while preserving the traditional craftsmanship of sake brewing. The aim is to think outside the box and brew sake that pair well with the foods and preferences of the present.


There are two wells within the premises of the brewery where water is pumped from 100 meters underground. This well water is used for the mashing, rice washing, and dilution processes. The moderately soft quality of the water is what gives our sake the gentle and smooth flavor.


Iinuma Honke is one of the few breweries in the prefecture that operates a rice polishing facility. A tedious and time-consuming method of “flat milling (henpei seimai)” polishes the rice to minimize its protein content, which is the source of certain off-flavors. By using this rice, we can brew a more pristine quality of sake.

Devotion to sake brewing

Sake brewing originally required the labor of over twenty kurabito, but it is now operating with fewer workers thanks to the introduction of machinery. A large, computerized tank is utilized to automate the stirring process of the moromi (sake mash), and temperatures can be controlled in units of 0.1℃. This enables us to reap the full benefits of mechanization while practicing the traditional artistry of sake brewing. By fusing machines with craftsmanship, we now have the capability to provide a stable supply of products while consistently maintaining high quality.

Commitment to quality

The freezer unit used for product storage has a floor surface of 500sqm, a third of which can be chilled to -5 ℃ or colder. Sake manufactured during the winter season will be stored in the freezer or refrigeration units to ensure that the sake is shipped with consistent quality and tastefulness throughout the year.