Iinuma honke

Adding vibrance to
 new beginnings.

Adding vibrance to
new beginnings.

A touch of color when an exhilarating
Japanese sake experience is about to unfold.
We embrace the spirit of Kinoene,
the first combination of the ancient zodiac.

Guide Map

Kinoene Farm

Our exclusive farm offers opportunities to connect with the local community. Guests can experience rice cultivation workshops in our rice paddy where we grow Gohyakumangoku, a sake rice variety, as well as blueberry picking in the summer.


Stay the night in the brewery and awaken within its embrace. Immerse yourself in the tranquil landscape for an overnight stay to enjoy a unique camping experience only available at a brewery. Now, guests visiting by car can also fully delight in the world of Kinoene.

Lawn Area

The expansive lawn area is open to various events hosted throughout the year. During summer, it comes alive as the main venue for the Kinoene Yoru-Ichi festival. The lawn space is open to not only our camping guests but also the local community.

Visitor Center Sekitan-Goya

The exhibition area is curated with the use of repurposed sake vats and offers insight into the art of sake-making and our brewery’s history. The Kinoene Asa-Ichi market is held every month where popular local shops draw crowds, creating a lively atmosphere.

Kinoene Magariya

Our very own Kinoene shop features Japanese sake along with other foods and light meals crafted from ingredients unique to a sake brewery. The café is popular for its specialty koji drink, made from blueberries harvested from our orchard.

Kinoene omoya

Enjoy Japanese sake and seasonal cuisine in a renovated omoya (main wing) of the 300-year-old family residence. The restaurant invites patrons to partake in exclusive sake selections paired with dishes crafted from seasonal ingredients.

Brewery Tour

A kurabito (sake brewer) will guide you through our craft of sake-making while showcasing historical buildings constructed during the Meiji and Heisei periods. Experience the charms of Kinoene Magariya, a traditional Japanese residence relocated to serve our guests.

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